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Most trusted pet insurance provider 2019
Voted ‘Most trusted pet insurance provider’ 2019

Bought By Many’s Pet Insurance

We listened to thousands of cat and dog owners to create the policies they wanted. Everything about our cover is designed to be better for owners.

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Most comprehensive


Vet fees: Up to £15,000

The most comprehensive lifetime pet insurance - up to £15,000 of vet fee cover, dental cover included and more.


Vet fees: Up to £7,000

A lifetime policy with up to £7,000 of vet fee cover a year and the option of no excess for pets under 9.


Vet fees: Up to £7,000

20% of your premium will be paid back every year you don’t need to claim. Lifetime cover for up to £7,000 of vet fees.

Fixed For Life

Vet fees: Up to £7,000

If you buy before your pet turns two your price will be fixed for your pet’s life. It will never increase, even if you claim.


Vet fees: Up to £3,000

Conditions are covered for up to £3,000 of vet fees or 12 months, whichever is reached sooner.


Vet fees: Up to £7,000

Cover for existing conditions, as long as your pet hasn’t received treatment or advice in the three months before the policy starts.

All our policies have a 15% multi-pet discount for pets on the same policy.
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Pet insurance can help with unexpected vet bills. The cost of treating a pet can be expensive; the average cost of surgery is around £1,500 and the average pet insurance claim is over £750, according to the Association of British Insurers, which is why insurance gives many owners peace of mind.

Bought By Many listened to thousands of pet owners to create quality policies for all dog and cat owners. We understand insurance is more than your cover so we’ve made our policy documents easy to read and created a simple online claims process with no forms. Find out how to claim.

We’ve also written guides to help people learn about pet insurance. Learn more about: multi-pet insurance, the cost of pet insurance, pet insurance for older dogs, the best pet insurance and pet insurance with immediate cover.

We can also insure exotic pets through ExoticDirect.

  • Zero excess option for pets under 9
  • 15% multi-pet discount for pets on the same policy
  • Voted UK's most trusted pet insurance company
  • Fixed-price policy for puppies and kittens
  • Online claims with no forms
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Pre-existing conditions cover
  • Cover for pets of any age

We care about customers

Bought By Many customer with dog
15% saving for multiple pets

Bought By Many is committed to treating customers fairly. We never charge an existing customer more than a new one and there are no penalties for claiming. All of our policies cover conditions that are more than two years old.

If you have any questions we have a UK customer service team who are happy to help. In 2018 they answered calls in under a minute on average. Call 0345 340 4090 if you’d like more information about our pet insurance or to get a quote over the phone.

We take the stress out of claiming by contacting the vet for you so you don’t have to complete any forms. Our online claims service has received thousands of 5-star reviews and we paid more than £7.5m in 2018 to help cats and dogs when they needed it most.


Highly recommended, half the price of petplan, more cover plus less excess as well. We are very pleased to take the insurance out, it gives us piece of mind for our Cooper, he’s a 2 year old golden retriever.
– Colin, from Halifax

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