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Our aim is to help you get the best from the insurance industry - in addition to negotiating deals for you based on your group buying power, we also write articles explaining the industry and how it works, as well as scouring the internet for related articles and sources.

Review: NCI Pet Insurance

Summary NCI bought Axa’s well-established pet insurance division in 2014. The move attracted quite a lot of criticism from Axa customers...

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Review: More Than Pet Insurance

Key policy features Offers lifetime and accident-only cat and dog insurance Four levels of highly rated cover, with up to a £12,000 annual vet ...

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Surewise Pet Insurance Review

Key policy features Five levels of cover to choose from 10% multi-pet discount Interest-free monthly payments Cover for emergency exp...

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Pet liability insurance

Do I need pet insurance? In the UK, there is no legal requirement to have pet insurance. So why do 6.6m pet owners choose to buy it? Wh...

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Key policy features Choice between a standard and lifetime policy Online discount for new customers and a multi-pet discount Named b...

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The best horse insurance

Compare the best horse insurance companies We’ve compared the best horse insurance companies to help you make a decision about getting...

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Pet insurance FAQs

Do I need pet insurance? Can’t I just self-insure? How does dog insurance work and what does it cover you for? How do you choose pet i...

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SunLife Pet Insurance Review

Key Policy Features A choice of cover levels to suit your budget Expert counselling for bereaved pet owners as standard Pay annual...

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UIS Pet Insurance review

Key policy benefits Four levels of cover to choose from Claims assessed by veterinary nurses Cover for complementary therapies Claims...

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Review: Tesco Pet Insurance

Key policy features Tesco Pet Insurance has four levels of cover, from Accident & Injury up to Premier It offers a range of discounts ...

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Review: Purely Pets Insurance

Key policy benefits: 5 cover options to choose fromUp to £7,500 vet fees cover 10% multi-pet discountOption to pay monthly interest free...

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The insurance company MORE TH>N has launched a dog subscription box, MORE TH>N DOGGYSSENTI>LS, which it say will deliver all the essentia...

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Review: Aviva pet insurance

Summary Aviva is the largest general insurer in the UK, and can trace its history back to 1696. However, the ‘Aviva’ name – an invented ...

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Paws and Claws Insurance Review

Key policy benefits: Six levels of cover to choose fromUp to £5,000 vet fees cover Cover for complementary therapiesOption to pay monthl...

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Healthy Pets Insurance review

Key policy features Healthy Pets offers four levels of pet insurance, ranging from Accident Only to Gold cover with £7,500 of vet fee ...

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Asda Pet Insurance review

Key policy features Asda Pet Insurance offers four levels of cover, ranging from accident only to £7,500 of vet fees Prices start fr...

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Review: Lifetime Pet Cover

Summary Lifetime Pet Cover is a newcomer to the pet insurance market. Founded by father-daughter team Robert and Louise Amphlett, this...

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Review: Pet Protect Insurance

Key policy benefits: Lifetime coverA choice between £4,000 and £6,000 vet fees coverCover for complementary therapies and pet nutrition1...

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Review: Kwik-Fit Pet Insurance

Key policy features Kwik-Fit pet insurance has four levels of cover Option to pay by interest-free monthly instalments All Kwik-Fit po...

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Rabbit Insurance Comparison

After dogs and cats, rabbits are the UK's most popular pet. However, when it comes to pet insurance, rabbit owners have fewer options to ...

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Review: Debenhams Pet Insurance

Summary Founded in 1778, Debenhams is a cornerstone of British retailing, with a strong reputation among shoppers for its quality and va...

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Review: Churchill Pet Insurance

Key features Emergency cover includes up to £1,500 in vet fees for accidental injury but not illness Insurance cover includes up to £3,...

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Review: PDSA Pet Insurance

Summary The PDSA is one of the most well-known and respected animal charities in Britain. They have cared for the nation’s pets for near...

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Review: M&S Pet Insurance

Summary As a brand, M&S; needs little introduction – it is a British institution. However, in addition to lovely food, clothes, homeware...

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Review: Homebase Pet Insurance

Summary Homebase is best known as a home improvement store and garden centre – part of Home Retail Group – but has recently branched out...

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10 Puppies Trending in 2015

In August we revealed the UK's favourite puppy by analysing internet search data from Google. But which puppies' popularity has increase...

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Review: E & L pet insurance

Summary E&L (the Equine and Livestock Insurance Company) has been providing specialist niche insurance products for more than 70 y...

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Our pets are getting too fat

This week, the animal charity PDSA warned about the growing number of obese pets in Britain: 80% of veterinary professionals reported see...

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Our day out at Crufts 2015

I was very excited when I was asked to attend the first day of this year’s Crufts exhibition. On Thursday morning, I met my colleague Hei...

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A new partnership

Update: this offer has now expired. Why not check out our list of the top 10 pet insura...

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11 Funny Winter Pet Fails

Winter is a magical season - with Christmas, New Year and the chance to sit in a warm house with a hot beverage, while snow falls outside...

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Pet Insurance Articles

We've written a fair few articles on pet insurance recently, so we thought it would be helpful to create a list and put all our pet insur...

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Review: Co-Op Pet Insurance

In Summary: Pet insurance policies from Co-Op compare well on price, and are underwritten by Allianz - one the of the world's largest in...

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Pet Insurance Lifetime Cover

Pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular with UK pet owners. It is estimated that, in the UK, 54% of dogs are insured, and 34% of c...

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Chihuahua Breeders UK

We often get questions from members of our Chihuahua Insurance group about where to find Chihuahua puppies. Although it's possible to ge...

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Cheap Pet Insurance for Cats

Cost shouldn't be the only factor in your decision about what pet insurance is right for your cat; but there's no getting away from the f...

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Insurance for Working Dogs

With Remembrance Sunday approaching, many dog-lovers are reflecting on the contribution made by British military working dogs in times of...

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Pet Insurance Cost

How much does pet insurance cost per month? Pet insurance can cost anything from £2 ...

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Why Pet Insurance?

In the UK, there is no legal requirement to have pet insurance. So why do 6.6m pet owners choose to buy it?

What does pet insurance cover?

Most people who decide to get pet insurance do it to get help with unexpected vet bills. By paying a pet insurance company a set amount monthly or yearly, you don’t have to worry about covering the costs of vet treatment yourself if your pet becomes unwell or is in an accident.

Dog Insurance vs Cat Insurance

But there is another important reason to consider pet insurance if you have a dog. As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for anything that your dog does. So if your dog bites someone, harms livestock, damages property, or runs out into the road and causes a traffic accident, you are liable for all the costs and will need to find a way of paying for them. Remember Fenton?

Pet insurance helps with this by providing a type of insurance called public liability insurance, which pays out if these sorts of incidents occur. In the most extreme cases, these costs could run to millions of pounds. (This isn’t a factor for cats, as the law sees them as free spirits and doesn’t hold owners responsible for their behaviour.)

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