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Cat and dog owners voted us Pet Insurance Provider Of The Year in the 2021 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards and we’ve received over 22,000 5-star Feefo reviews in the past 12 months.

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We listened to thousands of cat and dog owners to create the policies they wanted. Everything about our cover is designed to be better for owners.

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First class

Absolutely no problems at all. They dealt directly with the vets, we had to do nothing. Refreshingly brilliant service. Huge thanks to Bought By Many!

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Comparison Type Complete Regular Pre-existing Value
Vet fee cover £15,000 £7,000 £7,000 £3,000
Type of cover Lifetime
(Also called 'yearly limit')
(Also called 'yearly limit')
(Also called 'yearly limit')
(Also called 'yearly limit')
Dental cover Accidents and illness Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only
Legal action against you and your pet (dogs only) £3m£2m£2m£1m
Pre-existing conditions cover Cover for conditions that ended 2 years agoCover for conditions that ended 2 years ago£500 (year 1)
£1,000 (year 2)
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago

Pets are all we care about

We don’t offer any other kinds of insurance other than cover for pets. This allows us to give our full attention to creating high-quality policies and providing the service you deserve.

Pet insurance wasn’t working for owners before we launched our policies. We set out to create cover that is designed to be used and includes things other companies don’t.

And we want to help your pet have a long happy life, so we offer more than insurance. Our customers have free vet video calls through FirstVet and a discount on flea and worming treatment delivered to your door by VetBox.

Our Complete policy is the most comprehensive pet insurance in the UK. It has £15,000 of lifetime vet fee cover, dental illness cover as standard and high limits for loss and theft.

We made sure our policy documents are easy to read and our simple online claims process doesn’t have any forms. Find out how our claims work.

We’re always looking at how we can do more for pets and owners and we hope we can be there when your pet needs it most.

We want to make the world a better place for pets and their parents. Every day we obsess about getting things right for customers.
Steven Mendel, CEO

Why do I need pet insurance?

Owners want the best for their cats and dogs but the cost of treatment when they’re sick or injured can be expensive.

Pet insurance can cover vet fees for everything from bandaging a scratch to major surgery.

The average claim was £817 in 2020, according to the Association of British Insurers. And costs can run into thousands of pounds if your pet needs an operation or long-term treatment.

Having insurance lets owners concentrate on being there for their pet when they need it most.

And our cover comes with useful features like free access to FirstVet so you can video call a vet at any time.

What do I need to get a quote?

It’s super quick to get a quote. We’ll need to know:

  • Your pet's name
  • Your pet’s gender
  • The breed of your pet and whether it is a pedigree, mixed breed or cross breed
  • The age of your pet. If you don’t know exactly you can give the year and month based on a vet’s estimate
  • Whether your pet has been spayed or neutered
  • Whether you want to see our policy that covers pre-existing conditions. All our policies cover conditions that ended at least two years ago, but we have a policy for more recent issues
  • How much your pet cost
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They are simply the best! There is absolutely nothing I can find fault with.

Claims are dealt with with no fuss or hassle. They are excellent value for money and it would take a lot to beat their service.

We care about customers

Bought By Many is committed to treating customers fairly. You can pay monthly at no extra cost and there are no charges for cancelling or changing your details.

If you have any questions or you’d like to get a quote over the phone you can call our UK customer service team on 0345 340 4090.

Policies like time-limited cover can be difficult to understand and may not provide cover for conditions year after year. That is why all of our policies offer lifetime cover, so your vet fee limit will reset to the full amount each year you renew with us.

We take the stress out of claiming by contacting the vet for you. Our online claims service has received thousands of 5-star reviews and we paid more than £48m in 2020 to help cats and dogs when they needed it most.

Feefo independent customer feedback

Bought By Many Reviews

We publish all our policy and claims reviews on our Feefo page. Here are some of the thousands of 5-star ratings.

Customer experience 5
5 out of 5
Paw-ssionate about dogs!

Absolutely brilliant service - highly recommended. Very reasonable monthly cost, prompt payment on claims - fantastic!

Customer experience 5
5 out of 5
Fantastic service and communication

First time I’ve ever had to make a claim and the process has been extremely smooth, keeping me up to date on the progress on a regular basis. Very helpful from the outset.

Customer experience 5
5 out of 5
True professionals

An excellent product. Unfortunately, due to our Lab's omnivorous habits, we had to make a claim after she ate some batteries. The claim was handled in a professional manner and settled within a very short time. It’s difficult to imagine better service.

Customer experience 5
5 out of 5
First-class service

Absolutely no problems at all. They dealt directly with orthopaedic vets. We had to do nothing. Refreshingly brilliant service. Huge thanks to Bought By Many!

Customer experience 5
5 out of 5
Perfect insurance

Bought By Many have been brilliant from the start. From the free vet app to a quick and easy claims process. I would and do definitely recommend them to anyone. All staff I have spoken to have been friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Expert pet care and insurance guides

Our library of articles can help you with everything from understanding lifetime cover to feeding a raw diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most common questions about pet insurance.

What is covered under pet insurance?

- Veterinary Fees – The amount you’ll get towards the fees will depend on the level of cover you choose

- Third Party Liability – Many pet policies also cover you against third party liability if your pet causes damage or injury. This can be especially useful for larger dogs

- Dental Work – Most policies include treatment for dental accidents. Some comprehensive policies cover dental illness, usually with a fee limit

- Other cover features - Depending on the policy or extras you have you may have cover for loss, theft or death; emergency minding; travel abroad and more

What is not covered by pet insurance?

Pet insurance is designed to cover unexpected vet treatment related to accidents or illness, which means it won’t cover things classed as routine or cosmetic treatments such as:

- Neutering

- Grooming

- Vaccinations

- Flea treatments

- Wormers

- Nail clipping

Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

All our policies cover conditions that ended at least two years ago and we have a policy that can cover more recent conditions. It’s called Pre-existing and is available for pets under nine and covers conditions that ended at least three months before your policy starts. Most other companies don't cover pre-existing conditions.

Is pet insurance compulsory?

Pet insurance isn't compulsory but many owners choose it to cover their pet for expensive vet bills.

Is pet insurance worth it for older dogs?

Dogs are more likely to need vet treatment as they get older and pet insurance can cover some of those costs. Not all providers cover older dogs but we have policies that can cover pets of any age and will pay for conditions that ended at least two years ago. If you choose lifetime insurance while your dog is young it means conditions it develops will continue to be covered each year you renew.

Will it affect my price if my pet is spayed or neutered?

Yes, whether your pet is neutered or spayed is one of the factors we and many pet insurance providers use to decide your price.

What is lifetime cover?

Lifetime pet insurance refers to policies that have a vet fee limit that resets each year you renew. You can claim up to the full vet fee limit every year and they provide continued cover for conditions your pet may develop during its lifetime. Find out more about how lifetime pet insurance works.

What is the excess?

The excess is the amount of the claim you cover and it is usually deducted from the payout for your claim. If your pet is under 9 we offer a choice of excess and unlike many other insurance providers we only take an excess once a policy year rather than on every claim. The excess helps keep the cost of your premium down.

Are check ups covered?

Routine treatments and appointments such as check ups are not covered by insurance.

Are blood tests covered?

Diagnosis of conditions can be covered by your policy so if your vet needs a blood test to find out what’s wrong then you can claim for it.

How is pet insurance calculated?

The price of your policy is calculated based on a number of factors such as the breed and age of your pet, where you live and the level of cover you’re looking for. If you want to see your price it’s easy to get a quick quote. Or you can find out more about the cost of dog insurance here.

Can I have more than one pet insurance policy?

Some policies have terms that state they might not pay a claim if you have more than one policy. If you’re considering overlapping policies when switching providers you don’t have to do that when you move to our cover. If you switch straight from another provider with no gap in cover there is no waiting period for claims.