Watch Insurance UK

What brands of watch do you insure?

We cover all categories of watch insurance, including:

  • Rolex watch insurance
  • Tag heuer watch insurance
  • Omega watch insurance
  • Breitling watch insurance
  • Maurice Lacroix watch insurance

And all other premium watch manufacturers. If you are looking for Garmin watch insurance, Apple Watch insurance or insurance for any watch worth less than £1,000, you can still get a great deal via our gadget insurance group.

How much is watch insurance?

Our group allows you to insure your watch from as little as £5.42 per month*.

How do I get a watch insurance quote from you?

You can get a watch insurance quote by joining this group.

How much should I insure my watch for?

There are two options here – your watch can be valued as stated in catalogues or online; or (as we discuss in more detail below), if your watch is vintage, antique or collectible, you may need to get it valued, so that, in the case of a claim, you get the amount relevant to its current market value.

Why should I get watch insurance cover?

Watches are expensive items, which are easy to steal and often easy to re-sell, so they are often targeted in burglaries and muggings. In addition to covering your watch against theft, stand alone watch insurance can also covers you in the event your watch is accidently damaged or lost (for example, if after a particularly gruelling business trip you leave your watch on the train or at a hotel).

Further, vintage watches can be very difficult to insure or replace due to their high value. However, Assetsure’s policy can insure even the most expensive watches so if you get watch valuation for insurance purposes, say for that Rolex from the 80s and it is lost, damaged or stolen, you will be reimbursed its true value, as a rare vintage item, rather than what it was worth at the time it was made or purchased.

Isn’t watch insurance cover included in my home content insurance?

Home content policies usually limit the cover on any single item up to a certain value (sometimes just £1,000). Additionally, the cover usually only applies to items within your home and accidental damage or loss is often excluded as standard.

Some home content policies have an option to extend cover, but this is often a poor solution:

  • Some just won’t cover items worth over a few thousand pounds, even if declared
  • Some will not cover accidental damage / loss for those items
  • Some will not cover them when abroad which can be when risks are highest
  • There are often exclusions and limits such as reduced cover if stolen from a car
  • Your no-claims bonus will be lost, even if you make a claim for your watch alone

The answer is to cover your watch with specialist watch insurance cover, which is usually the most economic option overall. This type of cover offers higher limits and includes all risks worldwide, which leaves you free to select whichever home insurance policy you like rather than having to choose the only one suitable for your watch.

Why did you start this watch insurance group?

Many people want to insure their most prized or most treasured possessions. However, when looking into the fine print of your home insurance policy, you may find that more expensive items are not covered without a hefty premium. You might not even want the rest of the home insurance cover, but you’re having to pay a very high price to cover that one thing you are concerned about.

We believe the insurance industry should be better and fairer, and we are trying to achieve that purpose by helping our customers use the collective buying power they share with others in similar situations. Joining this group makes you eligible for our exclusive deal of 10% off watch insurance cover with Assetsure.

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*Including 10% discount for members of Bought by Many.