Travel Insurance for Cyclists

Join other cyclists and get 10% off your cycling travel insurance

About this group

What’s this group for?

Members get a discount on travel insurance that covers you for cycling. It has all the usual baggage, cancellation and medical covers but designed with cycling in mind, from races to retreats.

What’s the benefit?

As a member you get 10% discount on Yellow Jersey's Cycling Travel Insurance.

Policy holders also get 25% off Scicon bags, 10% off Asgard cycle storage solutions and 15% off Polaris bikewear.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

Click the ‘Join’ button on this page to become a group member. It's free and you’ll get access to a discount code for Yellow Jersey.

What's the cover?

Yellow Jersey have designed their cover to cover any cyclist abroad, which means you won't have to read pages of policy docs and buy confusing add-ons to normal cover. It includes:

  • Cover for medical expenses, baggage and cancellation like a 'standard' travel policy
  • Worldwide cycling and racing cover
  • Race fee cancellation cover
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Cost of bicycle rental if yours is late to an event
  • Taxi fares if you have a breakdown
  • FREE Winter Sports cover on Annual Polices much more besides.

Why does the group exist?

We think people deserve better from their insurance. Bought By Many groups people together who have a similar insurance need; we then use their collective buying power to secure members of the group a better deal on their insurance. We’ve helped our members pay less, save time and get better cover. See the how it works page for more detail.

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