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Tortoises have been popular as domestic pets for decades. And this year, after the New Year’s Day highly successful debut of the charming adaptation to Roald Dahl’s Esio Trott, starring the legendary Dame Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman, the nation’s love for Tortoises is in full swing.

Tortoises make great pets, particularly for people who don’t have the time or ability to care for a cat or dog. That said, these delicate animals do require plenty of care. Tragically, many of the 150,000 tortoises who are imported into the UK every year die within their first year in captivity due to lack of appropriate care, mostly during their winter hibernation period.

Additionally, they must be well protected from larger animals who may harm them and be fed the right food, plus some species do grow to be quite large. Tortoises are always a long term commitment, as their life expectancy is normally between 50-100 years. More information on the best way to care for your Tortoise, as well as Tortoises looking for foster homes, can be obtained from the British Tortoise Society.

Children love these beautiful creatures, despite the fact that they don’t do tricks or give cuddles, and they spend much of the year asleep. When awake though, they can be very active (especially during summer months) and are often very funny to be around. Plus, they are absolutely adorable, as tiny Lucy demonstrates here.

However, it is important to keep in mind that some species of Tortoise are now protected animals under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), as well as further EU legislation. This means they cannot be imported, sold, traded or offered for sale within Europe by anyone without special permits. Many other types of Tortoises are still available, but it is recommended you make sure you are fully aware of your Tortoises species and origin.

We believe Tortoise owners deserve a great deal on their insurance, to match the care and attention they give their charming little pets. That is why we started this group.

By joining this group, you club together with other owners to get a great deal on insurance for your Tortoise.

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