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Intelligent, individual and occasionally headstrong, Tibbies are the ideal companion for those who like a dog with spirit. And whilst the Tibetan Spaniel isn’t really a spaniel – few true spaniels can boast such a magnificently curly tail – the name isn’t entirely misleading, as they do actually come from Tibet (they were held in high regard in the Buddhist monasteries there, both as pets and watchdogs: they would sit on the walls and look out for approaching intruders – a trait that modern Tibbies don’t seem to have forgotten!)

Tibbies have beautifully soft, silky coats, which come in a wide array of patterns and colors; regular and attentive brushing is appreciated, as they do like to look their best.

As with many small dogs, it’s possible that problems with the knees might develop over time (patellar luxation is a condition whereby the kneecap becomes dislocated). Tibbies can also experience a range of problems that affect their eyes and eyelids. Generally speaking, however, these are healthy and lively little dogs.

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