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Spirited, super-friendly and almost permanently stuck in fifth gear, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a small muscular dog with a big soft heart. Staffies are overwhelmingly fond of people, which is why they never make great guard dogs – any intruder encountering a Staffie would be ‘tackled’ only by an excited leg-pawing and a good face-licking. And few dogs can compare to the Staffie in his fondness for children: hence his nickname, ‘the Nanny dog’.

For these reasons, Staffie owners are rightfully frustrated by the bad image their pals are sometimes given. As RSPCA chief vet, Mark Evans, said: "Staffies have had a terrible press, but this is not of their own making - in fact they're wonderful dogs. If people think that Staffies have problems, they're looking at the wrong end of the dog lead! When well cared for and properly trained they can make brilliant companions.”

Staffies have energy to burn in abundance, so regular exercise is a must. And because they’re so incredibly fond of people, they’re happiest in company; owners should try to avoid leaving them alone for long stretches of time.

By joining this group you use the buying power you share with other Staffie owners to get a better deal on insurance. We have a 10% discount offer available with Lifetime Pet Cover, so please join the group to find out more.

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