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These big dogs are loyal and affectionate, but, like other giant dogs, need proper training and socialising from a young age. This might have proven useful for the most famous of all St Bernards, Beethoven.

Speaking of star dogs, few are those who have had statues erected in their honour, but fewer still are the people who would dare to deny Barry the St Bernard his rightful place in this most honorable club. Because Barry did not merely lie around claiming to be a dog of the people – he was a dog who believed first and foremost in action. Barry is credited with rescuing no fewer than forty people from the treacherous St Bernard (mountain) Pass; from which the dogs take their name.

Today’s St Bernards no longer perform daring Alpine rescues: the last recorded instance of such was in 1955. They can sometimes be found happily competing in a number of dog sports, such as cart-pulling, which allows them to parade their formidable strength. But these great dogs are equally happy settling into the role of family friend and guardian.

It’s vitally important that St Bernards are given the right diet and proper exercise. This will help to mitigate problems that sometimes develop with their bones and joints, which occur because they grow to a large size – and grow very quickly. Hip and elbow dysplasia are not uncommon in this breed.

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