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It’s been said that Sphynx cats are like Marmite: you either love them or… well, you just can’t see the attraction. But as any Sphynx owner will tell you, that unique and almost otherworldly appearance is just one of their many charms. Because beneath the smooth exterior lies a wealth of personality and a great big bundle of affection.

Most cats enjoy a bit of attention from time to time, but the Sphynx isn’t one to hang around waiting to be picked up. When they’re ready for a cuddle, they’ll often spring into your lap; if they need to travel, what better way than hopping onto your shoulder to hitch a ride? And this tactility brings a pleasure all of its own – because their (almost) hairless skin is not only luxuriously soft, but also beautifully warm.

Being without a coat does however mean that the Sphynx isn’t always suited to the outdoor life. In chilly weather they can get very cold, very quickly; whilst on hot summer days they run the risk of sunburn (although special sun creams are available for cats, it’s still recommended that a Sphynx is given very limited exposure to the sun). So outdoor play for these cats may be limited – but all the more reason for their owners to stock up on plenty of fun toys.

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