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Gregarious, and intelligent, Siberian Huskies are becoming an increasingly popular choice as family pets - despite their prodigious coat-shedding and digging of garden-ruining holes!

Although Sibes can be prone to eye diseases such as glaucoma, in general they are healthy dogs with robust constitutions. The main need for insuring Siberian Huskies actually comes from the risk of them causing accidents - or "public liability", to use the insurance industry's jargon.

This is particularly likely if they manage to get off the lead. Bred as sled dogs and independent in temperament, if given the opportunity they will run and run without stopping, paying no attention to what is in their way. Often, this ends in livestock being killed, or in traffic accidents - with the Sibe's owner being held legally liable for the damage and harm caused.

The growing number of Siberian Huskies in the UK means that by clubbing together - or forming a pack, if you like - collective buying power can be harnessed to get better terms on pet insurance. We said that when 100 owners joined the group, we would begin negotiations with pet insurance companies to find the best possible deal for your Sibe - and we're delighted to have now agreed a special offer for members with VetsMediCover. To find out more and get a quote, please join the group.

But if you know other Sibe owners, why not invite them to join too? The bigger the group, the stronger its buying power will become.

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