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Compact, companionable and no stranger to extravagant hairstyles, you’ll fall in love with a Shih Tzu faster than you can say “how do you pronounce it again?”

From their humble beginnings in the courts of Chinese Emperors – it’s said that noble women would walk about the palaces carrying Shih Tzu inside their robes – these little dogs have padded through history with their heads held high, and today find themselves in the company of the good (Queen Elizabeth), the great (Dalai Lama) and Geri Halliwell.

One of today’s most talked-about Shih Tzu is Gizmo, who has clocked up roughly 2 million YouTube hits with a video that mostly features him looking at himself in a mirror.

Shih Tzu liked to be looked after, and this means more than just the occasional brush. Whilst they’re generally a sturdy little dog, they can sometimes develop health problems (eye infections and breathing difficulties are not entirely uncommon).

So by forming this group, we’d like to help you use the collective buying power you share with other Shih Tzu owners to negotiate a better deal on pet insurance. Currently, there is an offer available with MORE TH>N, so please join the group to find out more. And if you know other Shih Tzu owners, why not invite them to join too?

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