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Intelligent, devoted and easy to train, the Rough Collie is as clever as it is beautiful. With long, sleek fur and a sweet, charming nature, they are a joy to ne around.

The exact origins of the Rough Collie are unknown, but it is largely thought to have been developed in Scotland and Wales by farmers to be used as a multi-talented, multi-tasking dog. Due to their high levels of intelligence and trainability, Rough Collies were bred to perform duties as diverse as herding, guarding and general loyal companionship. They are very protective of their family and are great with children (though keep in mind their natural herding instincts).

The most famous Rough Collie ever is without a doubt Lassie – the star of the TV series and films. The iconic female role was originally portrayed on screen by male Rough Collie Pal in 1943 and later by a succession of Pal’s descendants over 8 generations. The reason male Rough Collies were used to play the female role is because males have a thicker coat, which looks better on film.

Health wise, they are generally healthy but can be prone to hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy and are extremely sensitive to Ivermectin (a tablet for dog skin disorders). They need daily grooming and do shed a lot.

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