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Rottweilers, contrary to some people’s expectation, are calm, obedient and loving. They have occasionally been stereotyped in the media as dangerous dogs – a reputation which is unearned and unfair. Like any dog, they are very protective of their families and can be wary of strangers, but underneath their powerful build lies a warm, playful and sometimes even docile personality. And as the saying goes: There’s no such thing as a dangerous dog – only an irresponsible owner.

Rottweilers originally come from Germany, where they were once used as herding dogs, rounding up cattle and guarding them from would-be thieves or wild animals. It is believed that these dogs were even favoured by the armies of the Roman Empire, and would accompany the soldiers on their long journeys.

As with any large dog breed, Rottweilers can sometimes develop problems with their joints, such as the hips, knees or shoulders. They can also be prone to obesity if not given regular exercise.

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