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Most owners believe their pugs deserve special treatment - we think that should extend to pet insurance.

Funny, cute, and fond of dressing up in tuxedos and other costumes, it's hardly surprising that the profile of pugs keeps rising, whether it's Loca the pug that can't run, Frank the Pug in Men in Black, or Gemma Correll's Pugs Not Drugs t-shirt. So it's unsurprising that more people in the UK search for 'pug insurance' than for pet insurance for any other breed of dog.

There are three key reasons why pug owners - or pug parents - can benefit from joining this group to buy pet insurance for their pug. Firstly, there are several breed-specific pug health problems which some insurers exclude from pet insurance cover. Secondly, owing to a combination of their sociable and inquisitive temperament, their diminutive size, and their financial value, regrettably pug puppies are a popular target for thieves. And thirdly, the growing number of pugs means there is an opportunity for you to club together with other pug owners and use your combined buying-power to get a better deal on pet insurance.

We promised that if 100 pug owners registered interest by joining this group, we'd start discussions with pet insurance companies to find the best possible deal for your pug. And we're delighted that we've now completed those negotiations, and agreed an exclusive offer for group members' pugs with the UK's number 1 pet insurance provider, Petplan. So please join the group to find out more!

Finally, the bigger the group becomes, the better the offers we'll be able to negotiate - so please do invite your pug-owning friends to join too.

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Top questions answered by us

  • I have a pug cross breed. Can I join this group?

    Designer pug cross breeds such as the frug (pug x french bulldog), the puggle (pug cross beagle), the pugtzu (pug cross shih tzu), the jug (pug cross jack russell) and the chug (pug cross chihuahua) are becoming increasingly popular. We now have a special group for them - you can join it here.

  • How much is pet insurance for pugs?

    It's annoying to have to say this, but it depends! The reality is that the price of insurance for pugs varies based on several things. Firstly, it depends on how old your pug is - pug puppies under the age of 2 are generally cheaper to insure than older pugs. The second factor is the type of insurance you choose for your pug - lifetime pet insurance is more expensive than basic insurance (which excludes pug heath problems that have previously been treated). And finally, the amount of cover you choose for vet bills makes a difference to the price. Some members have helpfully shared some of the quotes they've had in the forum.

  • What pug health problems are particularly common?

    Pugs are short-muzzled (or, in technical language, "brachiocephalic") dogs, and as a result they have a higher-than-average incidence of breathing problems. They are also the most likely breed to need treatment for eye conditions, due to the shape of their face. Additionally, they can suffer from problems with intestines, skin allergies and the patella bone in the leg, which can all result in a need for potentially costly vet treatment.

    In 2013, Petplan paid £1,816 to treat Pumba the Pug for neurological disorders, common in Pugs. The same year, they also paid out £2,838 to treat Daisy the Pug for Mast Cell Tumours, which are also common in Pugs, along with various other types of tumours, cysts and growths.

    Pugs Life and Pug World both have useful details about these issues and steps you can take to help keep your pug healthy.

  • Do pugs really get stolen?

    Sadly, they do. Pugs have been targeted in thefts from pet shops, gardens, and even burglaries
    at private homes. Pug puppies are especially vulnerable to thieves. We think it's important that Pug Insurance includes cover to help with the costs of searching for a lost or stolen pug, including offering a reward.

  • I have a dog but it's not a pug - how can I club together with other owners to buy insurance?

    We'd love to hear from owners of other kinds of dog who are interested in starting a similar group. Please get in touch and let us know about your dog and if there are particular things you are looking for from dog insurance.

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