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We’re the only company that covers existing conditions from the start of your policy

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Do any pet insurance companies cover pre existing conditions?

Yes, we do! In fact, we’re the only pet insurer that covers conditions your pet has recently suffered from.

We have a unique policy called Pre-Existing that covers medical conditions your pet has experienced in the past two years. You’ll also receive up to £7,000 of vet fee cover for new conditions. However, our insurance does not cover chronic conditions.

Why join the Pre Existing Medical Conditions Pet Insurance group?

Our Pre-Existing policy was created for you. We listened to tens of thousands of pet owners to design a product that people want.

We provide £500 of cover in total for all pre-existing conditions in the first year of your policy. If you do not make a claim for any conditions we’ll increase your vet fee limit to £1,000 in the second year and if you still haven’t claimed we’ll up to the limit to £7,000 from year three onwards.

The policy includes up to £7,000 for any new conditions you need to claim for. Although we cover pre-existing conditions experienced in the past two years we do not cover chronic conditions, which are generally persistent or ongoing issues such as diabetes. You can find the list of chronic conditions in section 4 of our policy document.

We know that many pet owners are frustrated they cannot switch companies because they’d lose cover for a condition or they’ve struggled to find a policy in the first place.

We think the industry can do better, so our policy aims to offer comprehensive insurance for pets of any age that is fair for all owners.

Our policies are for members only, so you'll be asked to join Bought By Many before you get a quote.

What do other pet insurance companies do about pre-existing conditions?

There are two other companies that cover pre-existing conditions. However, both only cover pets that have not had symptoms or received treatment for the condition in the past two years, whereas our policy includes issues that have cropped up in the past two years.

  1. VetsMediCover's Gold, Platinum, and Diamond policies will cover pets aged under 8 who have not had symptoms or received treatment for their condition at any time in the past two years.
  2. Lifetime Pet Cover also covers pets who have been symptom-free for two years and will insure pets up to any age

Our policy covers pets of any age and some conditions they are suffering from.

Most other pet insurance companies in the UK refuse to cover medical conditions a pet already suffers from at the time the policy is taken out. They might refuse to insure the pet altogether, or only offer insurance that excludes treatment relating to the condition.

The effect of insurance companies' collective failure to cover existing conditions is that many customers end up trapped with the same insurer, unable to change to another pet insurance provider, and hence exposed to whatever future price increases the insurer might see fit to impose.

This issue was covered by a BBC Watchdog investigation into pet insurance.

What about older dogs and cats with medical conditions?

As pets get older, it becomes more likely that they will be affected by medical conditions. Our policy is open to dogs of any age and we also have a group for older dogs that offers more policy options.

Check out our clear and simple key facts and policy wording documents to find out what our insurance does and doesn't cover.

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