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Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK, but, when it comes to insurance, owners have far fewer options to choose from than with dogs or cats. We would like to change that, which is why we created this group.

Rabbits are prone to a number of different medical conditions, including diseases such as rhinitis (also known as snuffles), and parasite illnesses like fly strike and coccidiosis. Additionally, they have fragile bones that can be easily damaged.

Insuring your rabbit covers you for medical expenses, in case your rabbit becomes ill or injured and requires vet treatment.

By joining this group, you'll be using the collective buying power you share with other rabbit owners to demand better pet rabbit insurance from pet insurance companies. The more people join, the better the offer we will be able to agree on your behalf. So, if you know any other pet rabbit owners who might be interested in a better deal on their insurance, invite them to join too?

When 100 people join, we will open negotiations with insurance companies on pet rabbit insurance. In the meantime, please join the group to find out about current options for insuring your rabbit.

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Top questions answered by us

  • I am thinking of getting a Rabbit, what should I consider?

    Rabbits make excellent family pets, and can be kept either indoors or outside. They can be house trained and some can even be taught to come over when called. They will happily munch away at grass in the garden, but also need a few pellets of rabbit food a day, a lot of fresh vegetables and plenty of clean fresh water. They require regular exercise, which is why their cages usually come equipped with tunnels, shelves and other items for them to play with. They are sociable, playful animals and can make friends with humans, birds and other domestic animals (but must be supervised with animals that can harm them, such as cats or dogs, and with young children).

  • What is a binky?

    A binky is when Rabbits are so happy, they cannot contain themselves and jump up in the air, wiggling their bottoms!

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