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There are five different groups of Terriers, with several breeds within each group. Most breeds were evolved in Britain and Ireland, and were mainly used for “burrowing” after vermin and helping with hunting expeditions. This is reflected in the name Terrier, which comes from terra, the Latin word for Earth.

While Terriers typically have robust constitutions, they can suffer from some hereditary diseases. All terriers are prone to allergies that cause itchy skin, and can lead to further complications. Other health concerns vary, depending on the specific breed, with the most prevalent being knee and joint issues, eye problems, breathing difficulties and epilepsy.

Terriers are generally active, friendly dogs, although some breeds (like the Bull Terrier) have bad reputations, predominantly as a result of bad breeding or irresponsible ownership.

That said, they are generally considered a good risk for insurance purposes, which makes them easier to insure. By joining this group, you can use the buying power you share with other Terrier owners, to get an even better deal on your pet insurance.

All Terrier breeds welcome!

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