Pet Insurance for Rescue Dogs

There are 9 million pet dogs in the UK in a quarter of all households. Most are loved and cared-for members of the family, but too many are neglected, abused or abandoned.

Fortunately, people like you are giving these neglected animals a loving home. We want to reward this so we’ve negotiated an exclusive 32.5% discount on More Than pet insurance.

Rescue dogs can be just as lovable and affectionate as any other pooch, despite the hardships they may have faced. The RSPCA’s 2016 Rufts awards will bring a tear to your eye but it shows how the right homes can bring happiness to all dogs.

Many people wrongly believe it is not possible to find pure breed dogs in rescue shelters, however, various pedigree dogs, including Border Collies, Staffies and different Terriers sadly end up in rescue centres every day. Whether you are looking for a pure breed, a cross breed or a mongrel, you can give a dog a happy future.

When it comes to insurance, rescue dogs pose a dilemma. Mongrels are generally cheaper to insure because they have fewer health issues than pedigree dogs, but with rescues, it is often impossible to know their origins and genetic make-up. And abuse and neglect can add to their health issues.

By joining this group, you club together with other rescue dog owners and can access an exclusive 32.5% off on More Than pet insurance.

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