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There are 9 million pet dogs in the UK in a quarter of all households. Most are loved and cared-for members of the family, but too many are neglected, abused or abandoned.

Fortunately, people like you are giving these neglected animals a loving home. We want to reward this so we’ve negotiated an exclusive 20% discount on More Than pet insurance.

Rescue dogs can be just as lovable and affectionate as any other pooch, despite the hardships they may have faced. The RSPCA’s 2016 Rufts awards will bring a tear to your eye but it shows how the right homes can bring happiness to all dogs.

Many people wrongly believe it is not possible to find pure breed dogs in rescue shelters, however, various pedigree dogs, including Border Collies, Staffies and different Terriers sadly end up in rescue centres every day. Whether you are looking for a pure breed, a cross breed or a mongrel, you can give a dog a happy future.

When it comes to insurance, rescue dogs pose a dilemma. Mongrels are generally cheaper to insure because they have fewer health issues than pedigree dogs, but with rescues, it is often impossible to know their origins and genetic make-up. And abuse and neglect can add to their health issues.

By joining this group, you club together with other rescue dog owners and can access an exclusive 20% off on More Than pet insurance.

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Top questions answered by us

  • What if I don't know my dog's date of birth?

    Any dog rehomed through a charity will usually have had a medical exam prior to rehoming, and the vet should have come up with an estimated DOB. Alternatively, if you rescued your dog from the street, your vet can examine it to approximate the DOB.

Community questions and answers


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  • avatar for SarahSarah 2 days, 1 hour ago

    Hi I had my rescue insurance with More Than before, but they hiked my premium up on 2nd year renewal so much it was mad, despite no claim. I would like to return to them, as they have a much better review than our existing company, but I am nervous about what happens next year. My rescue will turn 7 at the end of this year, so I need to be really careful about keeping her lifetime cover. Would love some feedback please. Thanks!

  • avatar for CatherineCatherine 1 month ago

    How much would it cost to insure him?,he is 10ish

  • avatar for BreanBrean (Bought By Many staff) 1 month ago

    Hi there Catherine, thanks a lot for getting in touch. To get a quote simply click this link ( and select 'Join the Group' in the top right hand corner. Let us know how you get on and if you need any more info!

Foster dog

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  • avatar for FredaFreda 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Is it possible too insure a dog in foster care

My rescue dog insurance account

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  • avatar for KarenKaren 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I found it very easy to get a quote and set up a direct debit for my dog insurance. However, I cannot find a way to find out again what I am exactly paying for and how yo claim if I ever need to. sent endless emails but no reply!

Dog insurance

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  • avatar for JulieJulie 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    How can I get a quote for my Staffy dog?

  • avatar for JulieJulie 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Seems an odd question but can't seem to get a quite!

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi there Julie, thanks for your message. Have you selected 'join the group' then 'get a quote' (look for the orange button!) I hope that helps! Kind regards, Heidi

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi there Julie, thanks for your message. Have you selected 'join the group' then 'get a quote' (look for the orange button!) I hope that helps! Kind regards, Heidi

Pet insurance

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  • avatar for KellyKelly 1 year, 1 month ago

    Japanese akita dog 1 on 18th December how much

  • avatar for SheilaSheila 12 months ago

How do I cancel my insurance

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  • avatar for AlisonAlison 1 year, 1 month ago

    I have had to take my dog back to the rescue place do how do I cancel the insurance

  • avatar for CharlotteCharlotte 1 year, 3 months ago

    I've rescue my ywo dog Marty and missy one 9 and the other 2 both been done vaccine up to date microchip too I want to know how cheap I can get both dog on one insurance

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 1 year, 3 months ago

    Hi Charlotte, thanks for getting in touch. No problem, just select the 'get a quote' button at the top of the page, and that will take you through! I hope it helps! Kind regards, Heidi

  • avatar for AngelaAngela 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    this page is don't show the answers but ask if the answer is helpful. Nor do you show insurance costs this has put me of using this site or recommending it to others

Getting Pet Insurance for rescues and Cavalier King Charles x King Charles Spaniels.

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  • avatar for SallyanneSallyanne 1 year, 4 months ago

    Please can you help me, regarding pet insurance for my Jessie and Chloe.

Rescue dogs from Romania

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  • avatar for JackieJackie 1 year, 6 months ago

    I have 3 from Romania all about 2 years of age in good health what discount would i get

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi there Jackie, the discount would be up to 28% given the multi pet discount. To get a quote, just click on the link above, select 'join the group' and this will take you through! I hope that helps! Kind regards, Heidi

  • avatar for JulieJulie 12 months ago

    Been looking for a quote on here but it gives the vosts for each vovrr but doesnt say wot the cover consists of ? How would i know what onr to vjoose if i dony knoe eot each policy covers ? Bit misdleading

  • avatar for TracieTracie 1 year, 8 months ago

    post a question on here but got no reply as of yet. thought i would try and find out by myself. went to more than website. NOT via here. entered the exact same details as i did when I went via this group. the quote i got via this site was... £21.40 (THIS IS WITH A DISCOUNT) the quote is got via MORE THAN OWN WEBSITE.... $12.76 (WITHOUT A DISCOUNT) i wud like to know what the hell is going on here. IS THIS GROUP SOME SORT OF SCAM??????????

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hi Tracie, sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I was out of the office yesterday! Ok, in order to see a difference in price, you will need to delete your cookies (by visiting the More Than website directly first, the site has 'remembered' you and therefore has not correctly applied your discount). If you delete the cookies, then check back through Bought By Many, you should see the reduction in price. Please note, the website takes off the discount automatically, so you will not see anything to say that it has been reduced, it should just be lower than when you went to More Than directly! Kind regards, Heidi


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  • avatar for TracieTracie 1 year, 8 months ago

    HOW DO I KNOW IF THE ''GROUP'' DISCOUNT HAS BEEN APPLIED? It doesn't say anywhere on the quote form that is has.

Insurance for Foster dogs

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  • avatar for JeanJean 1 year, 8 months ago

    We will be fostering a dog from Cyprus. The rescue would struggle to pay any vet bills if needed. Can I get insurance? Would be grateful for any advice

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 1 year, 8 months ago

    Hi there Jean, just to clarify, are you living in Cyprus or the UK? (once I know, I can give you a bit more of a comprehensive answer!!) Many thanks, Heidi

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