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Why buy pet insurance for your parrot?

Parrots can live upwards of fifty years, and a lot can happen in that time. Accidents and injuries can occur, and as with humans, illness can take hold. Common medical conditions experienced by parrots include Airsacculitis and Aspergillosis (both related to the respiratory system).

In addition to helping with vet fees, pet insurance can also cover you in case your parrot is stolen or dies. Exotic Direct will also cover your parrot for proven loss resulting from fire, wind, storm, lightening or flood. Bird housing and enclosures can also be covered by parrot pet insurance policies.

Which companies offer pet insurance for parrots?

In the UK, there are now two options for parrot owners when it comes to pet insurance:

  1. Exotic Direct, who specialise in insuring birds, reptiles, small furries, and other exotic pets
  2. Niche and lifestyle insurance provider E&L Insurance

In the past, parrot insurance was also available from Golden Valley Insurance Services. However, Golden Valley is no longer open to new customers.

How much is parrot insurance?

A Basic policy from ExoticDirect for a parrot that is worth £300 starts from around £42 a year. Prices depend on the value of your pet, and the policy type you choose.

As with with many types of insurance, the cost may also vary according to different factors about you and your parrot.

With ExoticDirect you have a choice between three cover options. A quote request for an African Grey parrot worth £300 produced the following premiums:

  • For vet fee cover up to £5,000 a sample quote came to around £19 per month spread over 10 months. This cover also includes death cover, theft cover and weather perils.
  • For vet fee cover up to £2,500 a sample quote came to around £16 per month spread over 10 months. This cover also includes death cover, theft cover and weather perils.
  • Exotic Direct also offer a policy which only covers death, theft and weather perils and excludes vet fees. Our sample quote for this came to around £4 per month spread over 10 months.

Exotic Direct’s policies run for a 12 month period, so monthly renewal is not required.

E&L Insurance, meanwhile, does not differentiate between different types of parrot breeds, only providing the options of "a small bird" or "an exotic bird/bird of prey" (with parrots always falling under the exotic bird category). This may be good news for owners of birds who are more expensive to insure.

A sample quote based on a parrot worth £300, on the company's Lunar Monthly cover option, comes to £10.50 per month for up to £3,500 for vet fees, cover for death by accident/illness, theft, aviaries, birdrooms and equipment, as well as personal accident cover up to £12,500. Lunar policies renew on a monthly basis. If you choose to pay a yearly fee, the level of cover reduces.

It is important to note that these are just examples and prices vary. Additionally, it is always important to consider what policy changes could occur at renewal, and to read the Policy Terms and Conditions in full to make sure you know what is and isn't covered by your policy.

You can get a parrot insurance quote tailored to your needs on the ExoticDirect website, and the E&L website.

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By joining this group, you'll be using the collective buying power you share with other parrot owners to demand better parrot insurance from pet insurance companies. The more people join, the better the offer we will be able to agree on your behalf. So, if you know any other parrot owners who might be interested in a better deal on their insurance, why not invite them to join too?

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Thinking about getting a parrot as a pet?

Parrots may be beautiful and very clever animals, but few people realise the effort that goes into keeping a parrot as a pet.

According to The Parrot Club, keeping a parrot is like having a toddler in the house. Only, unlike a toddler, a parrot doesn't grow out of it. Of course, most parrot owners would say that the noise and mess are worth it for the joy their feathered companion gives them, and we tend to agree, but it's good to be prepared.

For more information and tips for keeping a parrot, have a look at dedicated sites such as The Parrot Society UK.

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