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Dogs might retain the mischievous nature of a puppy or still want to chase a stick but as they get older the chances of developing health problems increases.

While their owners see them as forever young at heart, dogs’ eyesight, joint mobility and skin health may deteriorate with age.

The good news is veterinary science is becoming more advanced and more sophisticated – helping our canine companions to live long, healthy and active lives.

We believe dogs of all ages deserve fairer pet insurance but it can be particularly tricky to find for animals of a certain age. That is why we’ve negotiated a 10% discount with Lifetime Pet Cover for members of this group. You can join the group for free to unlock the deal.

It’s usually the case that the older a dog gets the more frequently they’ll need to be seen by the vet. So having the right insurance is essential – it helps you take care of the costs, and puts your mind at rest.

By joining our group you use the collective buying power you share with other owners of older dogs to get a better deal on insurance for your senior buddy.

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Find out more about insurance with our guide to the best pet insurance for dogs.

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