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Our policies are open to dogs of any age and we have a product that covers existing medical conditions from the start of your policy

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Dogs might retain the mischievous nature of a puppy or still want to chase a stick but as they get older the chances of developing health problems increase.

The good news is veterinary science is becoming more sophisticated – helping our canine companions to live long and active lives.

Because older dogs may need to visit a vet more often, it’s important to have the right pet insurance in place.

We’ve listened to tens of thousands of pet owners to create policies that are like nothing else on the market and may be particularly useful to owners of older dogs because they have no age limit.

We’re the only insurer that covers conditions a pet has suffered from in the past two years.

Our Pre-Existing policy offers £500 of cover in total for all pre-existing conditions in the first year of your policy. If you do not make a claim for any conditions we’ll increase your vet fee limit to £1,000 in the second year and if you still haven’t claimed we’ll up the limit to £7,000 from year three onwards. You’ll also receive up to £7,000 of vet fees cover for new conditions.

We also have a MoneyBack policy with £7,000 of vet fee cover that refunds 20% of your premium if you do not need to make a claim during a policy year.

We’ll give you 20% of your annual premium back in cash. You don’t have to do anything; we’ll automatically pay it back. Because premiums for older dogs are more expensive, MoneyBack may be worth considering if you have a healthy dog; it means you may get a decent amount of money back if you don't claim in a year.

Join this group to get a quote for any of our unique policies or our more traditional comprehensive cover.

We also have two policies called Regular and Complete with no age limit that have vet fee cover of £7,000 and £15,000. Our Complete policy is the most comprehensive pet insurance on the market and includes dental cover as standard.

All our policies have a 15% multi-pet discount.

Dogs over nine years old can cost a lot to insure so to keep our prices down we've introduced a 20% co-payment (similar to an excess) on treatment for older dogs. That means you'll need to pay the excess and the first 20% of a claim but we'll cover the rest.

We’ve even created a cheap Liability Only policy that offers £3m of public liability insurance but no vet fee cover, so you’ll be covered from claims if your dog harms someone or damages their property.

There are affordable extras such as travel, loss and theft cover that can be added to many of our policies.

Our policies aim to cover dogs of any age and pay out all claims. Join Bought By Many to get a quote today.

Check out our clear and simple key facts and policy wording documents to find out what our insurance does and doesn't cover.

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