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Join other UK cat owners to demand a fairer deal from pet insurance companies

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The average cost of pet insurance has risen by £57 since 2007. We want to help UK cat owners get a better deal.

Why has the cost of cat pet insurance increased?

Mainly because pet insurance companies have been passing on increases in the cost of vet treatment to consumers. As a result, pet insurance costs are now particularly high for:

Change the way you buy pet insurance for cats

At Bought By Many, we help people who share the same need use their collective buying power to get better deals from the insurance industry. We have already negotiated a 32.5% discount (combined Bought By Many member and online discount) on More Than pet insurance for owners of specific breeds cats, including: Bengals, Maine Coon cats and 128 more.

Make cat insurance better for everyone

Now we want to negotiate cheaper pet insurance for every cat owner in the UK. Join this group today to demand a fairer deal, and benefit from the offers we negotiate on its behalf.

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Find out more about pet insurance with our guides to the best pet insurance for cats.

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