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In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people opening pet-related businesses in the UK. This is not surprising as, in addition to the freedom and flexibility these occupations provide, it was recently revealed that dog walkers can earn up to a fifth more than the average UK salary. Not to mention being around adorable pets all day sounds like a great way to make a living!

That said, running your own business can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to protecting yourself against possible claims by clients. Of course, when you're working with something as precious as another person's pet, making sure you have the right insurance cover for your business becomes all the more important.

Regardless of how professional and capable you are, accidents can happen. Pet business insurance cover protects you from a variety of possible scenarios.

Public Liability Insurance protects you in case a pet you are looking after harms another person, damages property or causes an accident.

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you in case one of the pets is hurt or is lost while in your care. You are also protected in case you harm your client's property or lose the keys to their house.

Lastly, if you have staff, including volunteers, you have a legal obligation to take out Employer's Liability Insurance, which covers you in case of claims by, or relating to, one of your employees.

Additionally, you can add optional extras, such as cover for money, equipment and goods in transit to your policy.

Whether you require insurance for dog walking, dog grooming, home boarding or any other pet business, we believe you deserve a great deal, to match the service you provide the pets you look after.

By joining this group, you club together with other pet business owners to get a great deal on making sure both your business and the pets in your care are safe and protected.

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