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It is often said that cats are aloof creatures. In most cases, that is a wrong assumption, but not so much when it comes to Persian cats.

This doesn’t mean that Persians cats don’t want or seek attention from humans, they definitely do - they are just more discerning when it comes to choosing who they seek that attention from. And it’s easy to see why Persians are so concerned with the company they keep – with their thick, luxurious fur and adorable faces, they are a real treasure to behold.

Persian cats were first discovered in the 1600s by an Italian traveller in the Middle East. They were brought to Europe and became popular in England in the 1900s, with Queen Victoria herself owning two Persian cats.

These days, their appeal has not waned and they often feature in movies as pampered, privileged pets. The most popular examples of this are Duchess from The Aristocats, Duchess (again, see the pattern forming?) from Babe, Sassy from the Homeward Bound book and films and Mr Jinx from the Meet the Parents films.

Persians are not active cats, but love curling up with their humans and do crave a lot of attention from their family, or at least another pet (that they have been well socialised with). They require a lot of grooming, but, due to their sweet and playful nature, they are great for families with children and suit apartment living.

Due to the shape of their face, they can suffer from breathing and eye problems, as well as issues with their skin and malocclusion (incorrect bite). They are also prone to the hereditary condition polycystic kidney disease (PKD), which can cause kidney failure.

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