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Papillon is the french word for butterfly, and that’s how these happy little dogs got their name: the shape of the dog’s head with their large, upright ears is said to resemble a butterfly. Given that butterflies are generally regarded for their beauty, the name seems appropriate. Unfortunately, for some reason the drop-eared variety of the Papillon became known as ‘Phalene’, which means ‘moth’ – a creature associated less with majestic beauty, more with flying endlessly around light bulbs and eating holes in your favourite jumper. (But you only have to look at a drop-eared Papillon to see that they’re just as cute).

Paps may be small and adorable, but unlike some other breeds who fit that description, these are not inactive ‘lapdogs’. Paps are energetic and athletic, so happiest with good, regular exercise. And its not just their bodies that like a workout: Paps are remarkably smart, and therefore mental stimulation is also a must (they love to learn new games and tricks).

As with most small dogs, Paps can experience dental problems if their mouths push the teeth too close together. A condition known as open fontanel, where the front of the skull does not form properly, sometimes occurs in Paps; in these cases, owners should take extra precautions to prevent injury or impact to the dog’s head – the condition need not prevent them from living full and active lives.

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