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An Over 75s Travel Insurance Group? Why?

Being over 75 used to mean a less active lifestyle with few opportunities to get out and about.

However, advances in modern society - from the health and well-being of the over 75's through to improved transport and travel facilities - mean that more and more over 75's are leading active lives and travelling as much as youngsters!

We think it is a great shame then that travel insurance for the over 75's is relatively hard to find. Even worse, when you can find it, the expense is prohibitive. We don't want any adventurous plans for Over 75s to be put on hold just because of insurance, so that's why we formed this group.

What are the benefits of joining and becoming a member of the group?

Using the collective buying power of the group, we have negotiated an offer with a specialist provider of holiday insurance for over 75s. This offer is exclusively available to group members.

By joining this group, you'll be able to use that collective buying power to buy discounted travel insurance for Over 75s with a leading specialist company. In addition, you'll be able to access our best buy table, containing an Over 75 Travel Insurance comparison, to help you find the insurance that's best for you.

Looking for travel insurance for over 75 with pre-existing medical conditions?

Good news - the provider we have partnered with recognises that medical conditions are an important part of insuring the over 75s, and they are willing to consider and cover a wide range.

Not ready to join yet?

You can set a reminder at the bottom of the page if you are not ready to buy insurance yet. If you'd like to do some more reading first, why not look at our articles on finding travel insurance for over 75s, tips for getting travel insurance for older travellers and our list of travel insurers with their maximum ages for more detail.

A spring chicken, under 75? 80 years or more?

We've been busy negotiating with insurers for a variety of age groups. See our related offers below!

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  • avatar for dorothydorothy 2 years, 2 months ago

    l go t o tenerife for 3months at a time twice a year is that a problem l need 90 /91 days cover

  • avatar for DavidDavid (Bought By Many staff) 2 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Dorothy Thanks for the question and your interest. You are right to ask the question as you probably know, insurers put limits on the length of a trip you can take. The current offer for the group (as at Nov 2014) is with Free Spirit travel insurance. Their annual multitrip policy allows an unlimited number of trips but each trip can only be up to 45 days (with their Super Duper cover) which is too short. However their single trip cover allows trips up to 94 days in duration which would be enough for the timescale you describe. So you could click through to get a quote for a single trip each time you plan to go. It can of course sometimes be more expensive to buy two single trip policies rather than an annual multi trip policy, so if you find another provider with a 90-day trip limit on its annual policy then that would be worth getting a quote. I hope this helps and enjoy the travels. David

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