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There’s an old saying about how, over time, owners end up resembling their pets. Well, perhaps that would explain why so many people from Norway are rather good-looking – they probably take after the Norwegian Forest Cat.

It’s thought that Weegies (or Wegies) were once prized for their rodent-hunting skills, which would have made them popular both on Norwegian farms and Viking ships. In Norway they are known as ‘Skogkatt,’ and feature throughout Norse Mythology – including one story of a Skogkatt who was so heavy that even Thor, the legendary god of Thunder, could not lift him! Of course, many Weegie owners will testify that these are not the lightest of cats. Must be something to do with all that fur.

Few felines can boast such a beautiful coat: long, soft and thick – and perfect for those icy Scandinavian winters. What often surprises people is just how little grooming they need; it’s recommended your Weegie needs brushing no more than once a week. And they are very self-sufficient when it comes to cleanliness!

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