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The Italian city of Naples has given the world (or at least, leant its name to) two truly beautiful things. There is the mouth-watering Neapolitan Pizza; and the sometimes watery-mouthed Neapolitan Mastiff.

Neos are, quite simply, big. They have big bones, big heads, big bodies – but also big hearts and, not least, big brains: these are very intelligent dogs. They are often quiet, always loyal, and naturally inclined to be gentle; though they can be suspicious of strangers (both people and dogs).

They are thought to be a descendant of the Molossus breed (now sadly extinct), which was once highly-prized in ancient Greece, where its strength, courage and towering size made it an ideal guard dog for sheep and other livestock. These days, Neos’ main claim to fame is Fang - Hagrid’s beloved pet dog in Harry Potter.

Modern Neos are less likely to be called into shepherding duty, and will be quite content with a gentle stroll. Like any dog, they do need to be given regular walks and time to play, but do not require huge amounts of exercise. They are best in regular company, and should not be left alone for long periods of time. A bored Neo will only look for ways to entertain himself, such as chewing through something – anything. And those big jaws really can chew…

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