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Getting insurance as a marketing and advertising professional in the UK is complicated and often expensive; and we want to change that.

We're starting with Professional Indemnity Insurance. Current PI Insurance policies are inflexible, and often inconvenient to arrange. Already we've used the collective buying power of this group to negotiate a discount on Professional Indemnity Insurance which can be bought online and "hibernated" when you are out of contract. Please join the group to find out more.

Our next objective will be to make it easier for marketing and advertising professionals to arrange the protections against accident and sickness which corporate employees enjoy as part of their benefits packages. This currently involves a mix of income protection insurance, critical illness insurance, family income benefit, and life assurance - which is unnecessarily complicated.

Finally, we want to tackle health insurance. The only reason health insurance is more expensive for contractors than for corporate employees is that contractors lack the buying power of large organizations - and therefore have to pay a staggering premium on health insurance which effectively subsidizes members of corporate schemes.

The aim of this group is to make marketing and advertising professional insurance better by enabling contractors and freelancers to leverage their collective buying power. So if you know other web designers who would benefit from this, why not invite them to join too?

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