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They say that big is beautiful – to prove this, you only need look at the Maine Coon: officially the world’s second-largest domestic cat breed. In fact, some would say the Maine Coon is actually the largest domestic cat breed, as its rival for this title – the Savannah – is the result of cross-breeding with an African wild cat.

But while the legitimacy of the Savannah’s claim continues to be debated, one fact has been firmly established: the longest cat on record is a Maine Coon. That honour goes to Stewie – full name Mymains Stewart Gilligan – a Maine Coon from Nevada, USA, who stretched out to a truly impressive 48.5 inches (that’s more than 4 feet). And Stewie was not one to lie around, basking in the glory of his distinction; he was a certified ‘therapy cat’ and made regular visitor to a nearby elderly care home, where he brought a smile to the faces of many.

No one knows quite where the Maine Coon originated from, or how exactly it got its name. Records suggest that they were first seen in the American state of Maine (where they are the official state cat), though there is only speculation (and much mythmaking) as to how they got there. And some say that they bear a resemblance to that other stripy, long-tailed denizen of North America, the Racoon. So put those two things together and you have the “Maine Coon”. Well, that’s one theory.

Generally speaking, Maine Coons tend to be healthy, happy and hardy cats, having adapted to survive the cold New England winters. Like any cat, however, they should be given regular check-ups by a good vet to ensure they stay in peak health.

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