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Affectionate, good natured and energetic, the Lurcher makes a great companion for an active family who love to spend time outdoors.

Originating in the 17th centuries, when it was the favourite companion of Gypsies in Britain and Ireland, the Lurcher is not bred to a specific standard and not considered a breed, but a cross. It is thought to be a combination between the sight-hound and the Terrier, Greyhound and Collie.

The name hints at the Lurcher’s questionable past, deriving from the Roman word Lur, meaning thief. Lurchers were originally used to poach small animals, particularly rabbits and hares. Later, it became popular with a variety of British and Irish families, including the wealthier sections of society.

Lurchers are very fast and need daily exercise in a safe, contained environment (they tend to chase and kill small game). They are highly energetic and are not suitable for city life, as they are unpredictable and can easily run off and be involved in an accident.

As the Lurcher is not bred to standard, the size of the dog can vary greatly depending on which breed within its make-up is the strongest. The coat can also vary, with Lurchers who mostly resemble the Greyhound having a short-haired coat, whereas the Collie or Terrier variety have longer and rougher coats respectively. More information can be found on the Lurcher SOS website.

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