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The Buddhists of ancient Tibet were renowned for their great wisdom, which they demonstrated most clearly by choosing the Lhasa Apso to guard their monasteries. Because, whilst Lhasas may not be the biggest or most powerful members of the canine world, these little dogs are totally fearless. Lhasas also have excellent hearing and a rich, distinctive bark; making them ideal to detect and report intruders.

Today’s Lhasas are equally keen on guarding their families, which is why they can sometimes be wary of strangers. But they are in fact very friendly dogs, and once your Lhasa is comfortable in someone’s presence, he will express this with much affection and playfulness.

If Lhasas are destined for dog show greatness, their coat will often be kept long; whilst for those kept as family pets, the coat may be cut short for easier maintenance. Either way, the coat will be beautiful, dense and colourful (Lhasas are sometimes known as ‘jelly bean dogs’ – because their coats come in such a wide variety of colours).

Happily, Lhasas tend to live long and healthy lives. There are, however, a number of eye conditions which they may develop, such as progressive retinal atrophy, which causes deterioration of the retina. Lhasas are also prone to sebaceous adenitis, a skin condition which can result in hair loss and skin lesions.

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