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No one seems to know for sure exactly where the Lancashire Heeler comes from, but you wouldn't need to be Sherlock Holmes – or an evolutionary biologist – to make a reasonable educated guess. With its compact frame, short legs, bushy tail and lovable bat-like ears, Heelers are clearly a not-so-distant cousin of the Welsh Corgi. And their colouring, which is often black and tan, suggests the involvement of a terrier-type dog somewhere along the breeding line.

So perhaps a Lancashire Heeler is the best of both worlds; you won't have to look far to find a proud owner who'll tell you that these smart, surprisingly strong little dogs are more than the sum of their parts. They're every bit as gorgeous as a corgi, as clever as a terrier, and just occasionally as stubborn as the two put together!

Those who have recently welcomed a Heeler pup into their home may be interesting in joining the UK’s Lancashire Heeler Association. There are many benefits to membership, including occasional updates on the exploits of their mascot, Brian – a Lancashire Heeler who has so far toured Europe on a Harley Davidson, flown in an acrobatic plane, and swanned around in front of Princess Anne at the Kennel Club.

Lancashire Heelers are happiest when healthy, and that means a good dose of exercise two or three times a day. They love to play games, too – so don't forget to pack an old tennis ball to throw.

By joining this group you use the buying power you share with other Lancashire Heeler owners to get a better deal on insurance. Currently, there is an offer available with MORE TH>N, so please join the group to find out more.

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