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Most cats in the UK are classified as indoor cats. While there is much debate about whether keeping a cat indoors all the time is fair, there are valid considerations to both arguments.

With the outside world presenting a variety of dangers, including cars, other cats, larger animals and terrible stories of abuse by mean-hearted humans, keeping your cat indoors sounds like a good idea. Some doctors even claim it can protect your cat from ending up at the vet’s with a case of severe stress!

Another benefit of keeping your cat as an indoor cat is that it makes insurance cheaper. Insurers rightly consider cats who are not exposed to the above dangers a lower insurance risk, and so price their indoor cat pet insurance accordingly.

Should I insure my indoor cat?

While keeping your cat indoors protects it from the dangers listed above, it cannot prevent injuries or illness altogether. Additionally, while a cat is naturally a lot less likely to go missing or be stolen from inside the home, it is not impossible. These two factors mean insurance is still a good idea, particularly for pedigree cats, as certain breeding practices of pure-breeds cats can lead to genetic disorders. is a fantastic cat welfare charity, with great website, full of top tips and advice for cat owners. They also have a very comprehensive guide to the indoor/outdoor debate, which you might find interesting.

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