Income Protection for HGV drivers

Get 10% cashback with your income protection cover

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What’s this group for?

This group has been set up to bring HGV drivers a better deal on income protection insurance. The nature of the job means you can’t work if injured or unwell, so we’re helping people find quality policies that cover monthly outgoings. We’ve negotiated an exclusive cashback offer for all members of this group when buying income protection insurance through the comparison site. Activequote features providers that cover HGV drivers, even though some insurers exclude the profession as ‘high risk’.

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance replaces your salary if you’re unable to work due to an accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment. Policies offer a monthly tax-free payout until you are able to return to work.

Which? says: “The one protection policy every working adult in the UK should consider is the very one most of us don't have - income protection.”

Find out more about income protection insurance here.

What’s the benefit of joining Bought By Many?

Members of this group get 10% cashback when purchasing a policy through The site allows you to compare cover and prices from many of the top income protection insurers. They even offer regulated advice over the phone to help you select a policy.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

It costs nothing to join the group and your 10% cashback offer will be applied when buy a policy. Click ‘join the group’ on this page and once you’re signed up hit ‘get a quote’ to visit and claim your cashback on purchase.

Who are Bought By Many?

Bought By Many groups people together who have a similar insurance need. We then use their collective buying power to secure members a better deal. We’ve helped our members pay less, save time and get better cover. See the how it works page for more detail!

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