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There are few creatures who can match the horse for nobility, grace and beauty. Horses, it seems, have always captivated people – and certainly no other animal has played such an important role in the story of human progress. People have been riding horses since at least 2500BC (according to some estimates, perhaps long before that). And without the horse’s speed, strength and endurance, the history of our trade, transportation and agriculture would have been very different indeed.

Thankfully, modern machinery has taken many of these laborious chores away from the horse, leaving them free to indulge in the more glorious past-times of dressage, show jumping and eventing – or even to canter leisurely through the woods.

Horse-riding is a hugely enriching experience, and it makes sense to invest in the equipment that’s right for you. Having done this, it’s a sensible next step to protect that investment so many people turn to home insurance, expecting to find they are covered. The truth is that some care is needed; some home insurance policies won't cover outbuildings, some place limits on the value of contents stored there and some make onerous demands on the security of the buildings. Many will not cover horse boxes or trailers, necessitating a second insurance policy. Making sure that the cover is there can be time-consuming, expensive and sometimes frustrating and unsuccessful.

By joining this group you use the buying power you share with other horse riders to demand a better deal on insurance. So if you know other keen riders, why not invite them to join up too?

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