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There is a wide variety of home insurance policies on the market, so finding the one that’s right for you can seem like a lengthy process. But there are some quick and easy ways to narrow down the choices. For example, if you own a bike and use it regularly, it makes sense to choose a home insurance policy that also covers your bike and you as a cyclist. This removes the need to have two separate policies – one for your home and another specifically for ‘cycle insurance’ – which would be more expensive overall, and require double the paperwork and administration.

There are two main reasons why every cyclist should have insurance. The first is to cover the bike in the event of theft, which sadly happens all too often. In 2013 alone, 114,000 bicycles were reported stolen in the UK. That’s a staggering figure in its own right; but when you consider that many bike thefts go unreported, the real figure may be significantly higher.

The second reason has to do with public liability. Many cyclists overlook this, reasoning that – unlike car drivers, for example – there isn’t really much damage that they can cause. But taking the wing mirror off a BMW is not only easy to do, it’s also surprisingly expensive to replace. And that’s just one example of a potential incident. Moreover, cars are not the only thing that a cyclist can damage; statistics show that you’re more likely to collide with a pedestrian, in which case you could find yourself facing a considerable compensation claim.

There are many home insurance policies out there and many that provide some cover for a bike. However, some don't have liability cover, some don't cover more expensive bikes and some have strange restrictions on where you store your bike and how you lock it, so it is no surprise that some people give up on home insurance and get a separate policy for their bike at greater cost.

By joining this group you use the buying power you share with other cyclists to demand a better deal on insurance. And if you have friends, family or colleagues who are equally keen to ensure that their bike is in safe hands, why not invite them to join up too?

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