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Collecting has been a popular hobby for years, with Stamp collecting originating in the 17th century and coin collecting going back as far as the 14th century, for example.

Despite this, home insurance companies place a multitude of restrictions on insuring collectible items, such as limiting the amount of money a collection can be worth to be included in the cover, both collectively and for individual items.

We’ve teamed up with Covea (formerly Sterling) to offer insurance for collections, offering cover for up to the value of £15,000 (collections with a higher value may be covered, but need to be declared separately).

By joining the group, you take the hassle out of insuring your precious collection, as Covea are a trusted leading provider, specialising in insuring high value content. This means less time chasing insurance companies, and more time building your collection. Additionally, as a Bought by Many member, you get a 10% discount off the cost of your premiums, making it fantastic value for money.

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