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Join other Home Owners and get up to 50% discount on your Home Insurance, plus a £20 M&S voucher!

About this group

What’s this group for?

This group has been set up to offer Home Owners a better deal on their insurance. By joining the group, you share in its collective buying power - as a result you get access to an exclusive offer on Home Insurance with Together Mutual - part of a company which has specialised in looking after people’s homes for over 100 years.

What’s the benefit?

Using the group’s collective buying power, we’ve secured an up to 50% discount on Together Mutual's Home Insurance. 91% of their customers said they were satisfied with the value for money their policy provides. Together Mutual have a 81% customer retention rate because 94% of their customers expressed satisfaction with the cover levels provided. Their UK-based claims helpline is open 24 hours a day.

In addition to an exclusive discount of up to 50% off their Home Insurance quotes, Bought By Many Members will also receive a £20 M&S voucher. Terms and conditions apply (available inside the group).

How do I take advantage of this offer?

You can join the group at no cost using the ‘Join’ button on this page. You’ll then be able to get a no-obligation quote from Together Mutual to see if the price works for you.

Why does the group exist?

Bought By Many groups people together who have a similar insurance need. We then use their collective buying power to secure members of the group a better deal on their insurance. We’ve helped our members pay less, save time and get better cover. See the how it works page for more detail.

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