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The precise origins of golf have never been firmly established, though it’s widely agreed that the modern game began in 15th century Scotland (the first written record of golf comes from 1457, when it was banned by James II – apparently he considered it an unwelcome distraction to his soldiers’ archery practice). It’s come a long way since then, with golf’s popularity having spread widely across the planet… and beyond: golf can claim the impressive honour of being the only sport ever to be played on the surface of the moon.

Sadly, aside perhaps from a magic lantern, there’s nothing in this world that can insure today’s golfer against having a terrible round. But the good news is, most other things can be insured. Many golfers choose to buy a specific policy for their golfing equipment and activities - these do exist but can be costly.

Instead, we've decided that life should be simpler and have negotiated a policy that offers comprehensive home insurance coverage, with a wide range of protection and benefits specifically for golfers. More detail is available in the group (click to join - it's free!) however the range of benefits include: cover for your clubs and equipment around the world; payment for replacement hire if you are on holiday and lose or damage your own clubs; cover for damage to your own clubs, even when they are in use (remarkably many policies exclude this!); and even a payout when you score a hole-in-one, so that you can afford the mandatory bar bill afterwards!

By joining this group you use the buying power you share with other golfers to demand a better deal on insurance. So if you know others into their golf, why not invite them to join up too?

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