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If you are over 50s, some things tend to be more expensive, such as holiday insurance. However, it is only right that the wisdom and experience that come with age mean some things become cheaper – this is often true of car insurance for over 50s, as well as home insurance.

While it stands to reason that older people’s homes contain more valuable items, collected over the space of several years, insurance companies consider older people a lesser risk for home insurance, mainly due to the assumption that this section of the population spends more time in their home, particularly at night, when burglaries are more likely to occur (not to mention they are considerably less likely to cause a fire by attempting to cook bacon at 3am, after coming back from a particularly boozy night out).

Spending more time at home (if you are, deservedly, retired or work reduced hours), means catching things like a leak or burst water pipe (‘escape of water’ is the largest category in building insurance claims) before it causes major damage is more likely.

We created this group to help home owners above the age of 50 save money on their insurance by using their collective buying power to get a great deal. You can get buildings insurance, content insurance or a combination of both.

Join the group and click on the ‘get a quote’ button for a quote personalised to your needs. If you know any other people who might benefit from this exclusive deal, share it with them – the more people join the group, the greater our negotiating power becomes!

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