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Imagine a fancy dress party for cats, where the prize for best costume went to a Persian who came dressed as a Siamese – and you’d be looking at a Himalayan. (Opinion has been divided throughout the years, but many consider the Himalayan to be a type of Persian with Siamese colouring, rather than a breed in its own right).

Despite their name, the Himalayan cat does not come from that tall, cold, mountainous region of Asia. Which is perhaps for the best – as whilst their coats may be furry and snug, these cats are often happiest indoors; enjoying the warmth, the peace and quiet, and (of course) the company of their owners. The name is actually a reference to the breed’s colouring, which shares similarities with other animals – particularly rabbits and goats – from those distant mountains of India and Tibet.

As with their Persian cousins, Himmies can sometimes develop sinus and breathing problems. Some Himmies may also carry the gene for polycystic kidney disease; new buyers today are therefore advised to ask for proof that the kitten’s parents were both free of this gene (which is easy to detect).

By joining this group you use the buying power you share with other Himalayan owners to get a better deal on insurance. Currently, there is an offer available with MORE TH>N, so please join the group to find out more.

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