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It is easy to dismiss private health insurance as unnecessary, as we all get access to the NHS. However, as great as the NHS is, there are often long waiting lists for treatment.

For some this represents an inconvenience - perhaps waiting a few months to get a football injury sorted - and for others it can cause significant limitations or problems - perhaps waiting for a more serious, life-changing operation. This is where private health insurance can help, as treatment and care is provided in a faster, often more efficient manner, with more choices for the patient.

There's even an argument that if more people are treated privately then the reduced number of people going to the NHS would result in better service for public patients too.

We think that more people should be able to get Private Health insurance - so we formed this group to help you get a better deal from the insurance industry. The more people who join, the more negotiating power the group gives us, and the more we can negotiate on its behalf.

Currently we’ve secured a deal from Vitality to offer customers a private health insurance that may actually save you money. The policy comes with some amazing benefits, including 50% off a monthly Virgin Active membership fees; discounts at healthy and active brands, including Evans Cycles and Sweatshop; relaxation discounts with spa days at Champneys; travel discounts with Eurostar and BA; and a rewards programme that allows you to earn rewards such as Starbucks coffee and cinema tickets.

By joining the group, you can access the policy with all of the above benefits, plus if you buy as a Bought By Many member you get a £50 voucher to use at Sweatshop, Evans Cycles, Eurostar or Mr & Mrs Smith boutique hotels (this is on top of the benefits you get for being a Vitality member).

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Life insurance

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  • avatar for VipulVipul 6 months, 1 week ago

    Would the Gbp 50/- offer be available for the Life insurance product of Vitality life also ?

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Vipul, unfortunately not, this offer is exclusively for Health insurance. Kind regards, Heidi

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