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Why buy health insurance?

People buy health cover to access private treatment if they need it, without the worry of how to pay for it. Yes the NHS is there, but sometimes the convenience, degree of choice and speed of resolution are paramount and that's where private treatment can help.

Why is this an issue for people at start-ups?

Start-up working comes with freedoms but also it's own stresses and financial pressures. Equally start-ups are lean organisations of few people, making it hard to absorb absences - from intern to founder, the impact can be profound.

So, health insurance is attractive for start-up workers in the sense that it removes the worry of a sudden, large and unexpected medical bill at a financially delicate time. And it's also attractive for the start-up as it helps quick treatment to avoid absence and the strain or slowdown in growth that results.

However the monthly premium can be a fair bit so it can slip down the list of to-dos.

Why don't start-ups just offer it as a perk?

It's a really attractive perk - successful firms like Skimlinks include it in their benefits and Alicia Navarro their CEO has said it's a core part of building a sense of community.

In spite of this, and particularly for earlier stage companies, it's simply impossible to justify the spend of shareholder funds on employee benefits when growth is a priority. It's also hard to get a really attractive price for the company when you lack the purchasing scale of a large corporate.

So why this group?

That's where we are helping. By joining this group, you club together with other start-ups and use the same scale buying power effects that corporates use to get a specially-negotiated deal on health insurance from AXA PPP healthcare. What's more, it's available to individuals at start-ups rather than the start-ups themselves, so everyone can buy on their own, rather than needing to persuade or wait for the company to decide it's a good use of shareholders funds.

What's the Health insurance like and what's the offer?

The Health Insurance is with AXA PPP healthcare - their leading health cover is flexible and they hold 5 stars with Feefo and Defaqto, independent star rating systems for product and consumer experience.

Thanks to collective buying power, everyone buying via our Health Insurance for Start-ups group gets a £100 voucher to spend on a variety of health, nutrition and supplement products. Group members will also access 12 months of health insurance for the price of 10 and 50% off PureGym membership.

What next?

Join this group to add your bargaining power to group and get a high-quality health insurance policy. You can start saving on healthy activities and spend less time worrying and more time making your business bigger than Apple.

David Woodfield By David Woodfield

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