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Join this group to get £100 of your favourite sports supplement when buying AXA PPP healthcare insurance

About this group

What’s this group for?

This group has been set up to get Triathletes a better deal on their health insurance. Triathlon training improves strength and cardiovascular fitness and the cycle and swim elements help to reduce the impact on bones and joints. Regular training can lead to better general health and so we think you deserve a better deal on health insurance. After all, better health should mean a lower chance of claims.

We’ve negotiated an exclusive offer with AXA PPP healthcare, to reward your healthy hobby and provide insurance to compliment it.

What’s the benefit?

Whether training competitively or for fun, nutrition is key. Sports supplements, along with a healthy diet, can support your performance and post-training recovery. Nothing rivals the energy hit from a pre-race gel pack and protein based recovery supplements can help shorten the time to feel race ready again. That’s why we’ve negotiated for Bought By Many members to receive a £100 voucher to spend on your chosen nutrition products and supplements when purchasing AXA PPP healthcare insurance.

AXA PPP healthcare’s Personal Health product offers: outpatient scans; 24/7 phone nurse support and Fast Track Appointments service as standard. These are invaluable tools for prompt diagnosis and treatment of running and cycling ailments. Physiotherapy and chiropractor cover can be added as optional extras, helping a prompt recovery in the event you pick up a training injury.

AXA PPP healthcare's extensive heart and cancer cover and care comes as standard, their award-winning customer service and their modern approach to health insurance convinced us they were a good choice for this group. Buying AXA PPP healthcare insurance through this group will secure you £100 worth of vouchers for your training supplements.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

You can join the group at no cost using the ‘Join’ button on this page. You’ll then be able to get a no-obligation, online quote from AXA PPP healthcare to see if the price works for you. AXA PPP healthcare’s Personal Health product is flexible, so you can add extra cover options or reduce your cover to bring down your monthly premium.

Who are Bought By Many?

Bought By Many groups people together who have a similar insurance need. We then use their collective buying power to secure members of the group a better deal on their insurance. We’ve helped our members pay less, save time and get better cover. See the how it works page for more detail!

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