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Runners deserve fairer health insurance

Running is a great way to stay in shape. If you're healthy you're less likely to make big claims, so we think runners deserve a better deal on their health insurance. We also know you're likely to want quick, high-quality treatment for any injuries that could interfere with your training. By joining this group you get access to an exclusive offer when buying AXA PPP healthcare insurance.

Common runner injuries and how health insurance can help

Whatever your level, running can put strain on the body. Hitting the road has a positive effect on your general health but running injuries can be painful, disrupt training and lead to cancelled races.

AXA PPP healthcare includes 24/7 nurse phone support, online expert-lead live Q&As and Fast Track Appointments service as standard. All of these resources could help prompt diagnosis of and recovery from common running ailments like shin splints, runner’s knee and Achilles tendonitis.

Access to MRI scans, which are valuable in investigating sports injuries, is also included as standard by AXA PPP healthcare. The additional therapy add-on offers up to £500 of physiotherapy without needing a referral from a GP, which could be good value for money for those who pay for expensive private physio sessions.

Whatever treatment you need, you know you'll be seen in a comfortable environment at a convenient time and have access to drugs not available on the NHS.

The deal we've negotiated

Whether you’ve just starting out, you’re a seasoned competition veteran or your run for fun, good nutrition is key. Increasingly, nutritional supplements are being recognised as hugely important to support training and aid recovery. So, we’ve negotiated for Bought By Many members to receive a £100 voucher to spend on your preferred supplements when buying AXA healthcare PPP Health Insurance. As well as the voucher, AXA PPP healthcare are offering 50% off Pure Gym membership, making this our best health insurance offer.

AXA PPP healthcare’s extensive heart and cancer cover, flexible cover options and their award-winning customer service convinced us they are a good provider for our members.

How do you claim this offer?

You can join the group for free using the 'Join' button on this page. You'll then be able to click on 'Get a quote' to get a no-obligation quote from AXA PPP healthcare. Their Personal Health product allows you to choose from a range of options, to increase or reduce your cover and premium.

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