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Leaving a secure job to start your own company is a brave and admirable thing to do. That said, it can also be a challenging transition, especially for those coming from large companies.

We’re yet to come across someone who misses the endless committees, the casts of thousands and the difficulty of getting things done. However, one of the things a person making the move from the corporate world usually misses the most is the benefit package that comes with corporate positions, including health insurance, and a raft of corporate discounts from gym membership to theatre tickets.

By joining this group, you club together with other entrepreneurs and use the same scale buying power effects to get a specially-negotiated deal on health insurance from AXA PPP healthcare. Group members receive a £100 voucher when buying health insurance, to spend on their choice of nutrition and supplement products. Members will also be eligible for 50% off PureGym membership.

This is all in addition to the safety net that a high-quality health insurance policy brings for small business owners, start-up founders and employees alike – if something does go wrong and you need medical attention, private health insurance means the issue can be seen to in less time, freeing you to get back to running your company, maintaining your targets and keeping your customers and investors happy.

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