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The Greyhound is an ancient dog breed (thought to have been introduced to the UK as early as 900 AD). It is the fastest breed of dog, having been initially bred for coursing and, later, racing, and can reach speeds of up to 40mph.

Devoted, gentle and quiet, Greyhounds make wonderful family pets. They love the company of humans and other dogs, although, as they tend to have high prey-drives, might be difficult with small dogs or cats. They must be kept on a leash when outside, as they might run off in chase of prey.

The list of famous Greyhound lovers reads like a who’s who of history, film, television and popular culture. Cleopatra VII, Pharaoh Tutankhamen, Alexander the Great, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, Louis the XV of France, Marilyn Monroe, Bo Derek , David Duchovny , Jennifer Saunders , Leona Lewis, JK Rowling, Jilly Cooper, Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons) and (probably coincidently) Bart Simpson. Impressive!

Why buy pet insurance for your greyhound?

Health wise, Greyhounds are prone to esophageal achalasia, osteosarcoma and bloat (gastric torsion), so meals need to be carefully planned. They can also be sensitive to medicine, including insecticides. Their lean physic means they need a soft surface to sleep on, or they can develop skin sores. Pet insurance can help with vet bills if your Greyhound is troubled by these or other ailments.

Why join the Greyhound Pet Insurance group?

By joining this group, you club together with other Greyhound owners to get a great deal on insurance for your noble champion. We have used the group's collective buying power to agree an exclusive deal on pet insurance for Greyhounds

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