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About Great Danes

The Great Dane is a giant of a dog, with a big heart to match. Loving and playful, it craves the company and affection of people.

There is evidence of large dogs similar to the Great Dane as early as the 5th century, but the modern Great Dane is thought to have been established in Germany in the 19th century and is considered a German breed.

The most famous of all Great Danes is without a doubt the much loved cartoon Scooby Doo (although he has a longer tail than a real Great Dane). Fang, Hagrid’s dog in the Harry Potter books (but not the films) is also a Great Dane, as is Marmaduke in Brad Anderson’s newspaper comic strip and the 2010 film version. Famous owners, past and present, include actors Jim Carey and Kelsey Grammer, Olivia Newton-John and former US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Great Danes do not bark much and are not aggressive dogs. However, as they grow to such a big size very quickly, training must start early and they must be taught not to jump up on people. They must be taken on a long walk daily, but owners should be careful not to over exert them, especially at a young age, as their joints and bones might become strained due to their size. You can find out more about Great Dane care at The Great Dane Adoption Society

Why buy pet insurance for your Great Dane?

Great Danes are prone to health problems common in large breeds, such as bloat and hip dysplasia. Additionally, they are prone to congenital heart diseases, tail injuries, and mast cell tumours. Pet insurance can help by covering the cost of vet treatment associated with these and other medical conditions, should your Great Dane be affected.

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