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Golden retriever is one of the hardest working breeds of dogs. Not only are they regulars at conformation dog shows, their intelligence and skill makes them highly popular guide and service dogs, both for individuals with disabilities and for the emergency services.

Gentle, friendly and easily trainable, Golden Retrievers also make fantastic family pets. They shed a lot and require daily grooming (though they love water so are one of the easiest breeds to get in the bath), but are also very patient with children and fond of play, as demonstrated by record holder Augie. Their friendliness and eagerness to please make them unsuitable for guard dog duties, though they will loudly signal a stranger’s approach.

Why buy pet insurance for your Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are prone to cancer, heart problems, hip dysplasia, eye defects, Von Willebrand’s disease and skin allergies. They also gain weight easily so must not be overfed. They require daily exercise, as well as mental stimulation, or they can become hyperactive.

Why join the Golden Retriever Insurance group?

By joining this group, you use the collective buying power you share with other Golden Retriever owners to get a great deal on pet insurance for your loyal, trusty friend.

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