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For any independent worker and business owner, both public liability and personal accident cover is extremely important. For those in the building and construction industries, however, it is absolutely crucial. The work can be risky and even the most experienced and skilled professionals can make mistakes or be injured on the jobs.

To protect yourself against claims from customers or members of the public, you need Public Liability Insurance, which covers you in case a third party are injured or suffer financial loss as a result of your business or actions. When you take out a policy through our group, you get to choose from a variety of cover levels, up to the sum of £5 million, so that you can tailor the policy to your needs.

Personal Accident Cover gives you peace of mind if you are injured at work, including the permanent loss of use of limbs, sight, hearing and other injuries. This covers you for 24 hours both at work and during leisure time.

Additionally, you can add tools cover, available from £1,000 to £10,000; Contracts work cover from £75,000 to £250,000 (an increase of up to £750,000 may also be available) and employers liabilty cover (legal requirement if you employ staff).

Why we started this group

By using the collective buying power of group members, our goal is to negotiate cheaper business insurance for builders in the UK.

It is free to join and saves you the time and hassle of researching insurance policies to find the right one for you.

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