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We know your phone is essential and it can be a pain if you break or lose it. So we've negotiated a 10% discount on gadget cover with ZugarZnap.

Many home contents or student insurance policies offer little or no cover for expensive items outside of the home. Specialist gadget insurance covers accidental damage, loss and theft, so you can avoid costly repairs or paying for a replacement.

Unlike home contents insurance, where your premium may increase after a claim, gadget insurance often offers a fixed premium regardless of claims.

In fact, ZugarZnap offers a premium reduction on first renewal for all customers.

We’ve negotiated 10% off ZugarZnap policies for our members when buying gadget cover through this group. This discount increases to 15% off on renewal after the first year.

ZugarZnap offers £2,000 of accidental damage and theft cover for all of your gadgets and for loss of your mobile phone, for the lifetime of the policy. The policy covers any gadget in your house without having to list every gadget when you purchase the policy.

And ZugarZnap has teamed up with TRS and Timpson, so you can get same day iPhone screen repairs as part of the policy (available in 800 Timpson stores). Join this group to get cheaper insurance that covers mobile phones, tablets, phablets, sat navs, laptops, cameras and more.

ZugarZnap customers say:

Fantastic policy, no complicated forms to fill out, it covers everything I want to insure and I get lots of benefits and discounts with my ZnapCard reward card that I can't wait to make the most of! - Sally A

According to my better half, the majority of things I own I either lose or break so it’s just as well I have joined ZugarZnap, this insurance is perfect for me! - Simon L

Incredible product for an incredible price - absolute peace of mind and no hidden 'catches'. You get what you pay for - finally! - Cate A

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